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ScalaFX is a UI DSL written within the Scala Language that sits on top of JavaFX 2.x and and JavaFX 8. This means that every ScalaFX application is also a valid Scala application. By extension it supports full interoperability with Java and can run anywhere the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JavaFX 2.0 or JavaFX 8 are supported.

Package Structure

ScalaFX package structure corresponds to JavaFX package structure, for instance scalafx.animation corresponds to javafx.animation.

Example Usage

A basic ScalaFX application is created creating an object that is an instance of JFXApp. Following Java FX theatre metaphor, it contains a stage that contains a scene. A stage roughly corresponds to a window in a typical UI environment. The scene holds UI content presented to the user. In the example below, the content is a pane with a single label component.

package hello

import scalafx.application.JFXApp
import scalafx.application.JFXApp.PrimaryStage
import scalafx.geometry.Insets
import scalafx.scene.Scene
import scalafx.scene.control.Label
import scalafx.scene.layout.BorderPane

object HelloWorld extends JFXApp {
  stage = new PrimaryStage {
    title = "Hello"
    scene = new Scene {
      root = new BorderPane {
        padding = Insets(25)
        center = new Label("Hello World")
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  1. package scalafx

    Base package for ScalaFX classes.