package control

Wraps javafx.scene.control package.

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Type Members

  1. class Accordion extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Accordion]


  2. class Button extends ButtonBase with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Button]

  3. class ButtonBase extends Labeled with FireDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ButtonBase] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ButtonBase]

  4. class Cell[T] extends Labeled with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Cell[T]]

  5. class CheckBox extends ButtonBase with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.CheckBox]

  6. class CheckMenuItem extends MenuItem with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.CheckMenuItem]

    A MenuItem that can be toggled between selected and unselected states.

  7. class ChoiceBox[J] extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ChoiceBox[J]]

  8. class ColorPicker extends ComboBoxBase[Color] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ColorPicker]


  9. class ComboBox[T] extends ComboBoxBase[T] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ComboBox[T]]

  10. abstract class ComboBoxBase[T] extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ComboBoxBase[T]]

  11. sealed case class ContentDisplay(delegate: javafx.scene.control.ContentDisplay) extends SFXEnumDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ContentDisplay] with Product with Serializable

  12. class ContextMenu extends PopupControl with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ContextMenu]


  13. abstract class Control extends Parent with Skinnable with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Control]

  14. trait ControlIncludes extends CellIncludes

    Contains implcit methods to convert from javafx.scene.control Classes/Traits to their ScalaFX counterparts.

  15. class CustomMenuItem extends MenuItem with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.CustomMenuItem]

    A MenuItem that allows for arbitrary nodes to be embedded within it, by assigning a Node to the content property.

    A MenuItem that allows for arbitrary nodes to be embedded within it, by assigning a Node to the content property.

    Wraps a JavaFX CustomMenuItem.

  16. abstract class FocusModel[T] extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.FocusModel[T]]

    To do

    Create a Spec test to FocusModel where getJavaClass returns TableView.TableViewFocusModel<S>

  17. class Hyperlink extends ButtonBase with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Hyperlink]

  18. class IndexRange extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.IndexRange]

  19. class IndexedCell[T] extends Cell[T] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.IndexedCell[T]]

  20. class Label extends Labeled with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Label]

  21. abstract class Labeled extends Control with AlignmentDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Labeled] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Labeled]

  22. class ListCell[T] extends IndexedCell[T] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ListCell[T]]

  23. class ListView[T] extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ListView[T]]

  24. class Menu extends MenuItem with EventTarget with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Menu]


  25. class MenuBar extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.MenuBar]

  26. class MenuButton extends ButtonBase with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.MenuButton]


  27. class MenuItem extends EventTarget with EventHandlerDelegate with FireDelegate[javafx.scene.control.MenuItem] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.MenuItem]

  28. abstract class MultipleSelectionModel[T] extends SelectionModel[T] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.MultipleSelectionModel[T]]

  29. sealed case class OverrunStyle(delegate: javafx.scene.control.OverrunStyle) extends SFXEnumDelegate[javafx.scene.control.OverrunStyle] with Product with Serializable

  30. class Pagination extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Pagination]


  31. class PasswordField extends TextField with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.PasswordField]

  32. class PopupControl extends PopupWindow with Skinnable with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.PopupControl]

  33. class ProgressBar extends ProgressIndicator with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ProgressBar]

  34. class ProgressIndicator extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ProgressIndicator]


  35. class RadioButton extends ToggleButton with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.RadioButton]

  36. class RadioMenuItem extends MenuItem with Toggle with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.RadioMenuItem]

    Wrapper class for scalafx.scene.control.RadioMenuItem

  37. class ScrollBar extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ScrollBar]


  38. class ScrollPane extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ScrollPane]

  39. sealed case class SelectionMode(delegate: javafx.scene.control.SelectionMode) extends SFXEnumDelegate[javafx.scene.control.SelectionMode] with Product with Serializable

  40. abstract class SelectionModel[T] extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.SelectionModel[T]]

  41. class Separator extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Separator]

  42. class SeparatorMenuItem extends CustomMenuItem with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.SeparatorMenuItem]

    A MenuItem that as the name suggests allows for a horizontal Separator to be embedded within it, by assigning a Separator to the content property of the CustomMenuItem.

    A MenuItem that as the name suggests allows for a horizontal Separator to be embedded within it, by assigning a Separator to the content property of the CustomMenuItem.

    Wraps a JavaFX SeparatorMenuItem.

  43. abstract class SingleSelectionModel[T] extends SelectionModel[T] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.SingleSelectionModel[T]]

  44. trait Skin[C <: javafx.scene.control.Skinnable] extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Skin[C]]

    Wraps javafx.scene.control.Skinnable interface.

  45. trait Skinnable extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Skinnable]

  46. class Slider extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Slider]

  47. class SplitMenuButton extends MenuButton with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.SplitMenuButton]

    Wrapper for javafx.scene.control.SplitMenuButton.

  48. class SplitPane extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.SplitPane]

  49. class Tab extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Tab]

  50. class TabPane extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TabPane]

  51. class TableCell[S, T] extends IndexedCell[T] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TableCell[S, T]]


  52. class TableColumn[S, T] extends EventHandlerDelegate with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TableColumn[S, T]]


  53. class TablePosition[S, T] extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TablePosition[S, T]]


  54. class TableRow[T] extends IndexedCell[T] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TableRow[T]]


  55. class TableView[S] extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TableView[S]]


  56. class TextArea extends TextInputControl with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TextArea]

  57. class TextField extends TextInputControl with AlignmentDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TextField] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TextField]

  58. class TextFieldProperty extends ReadOnlyObjectProperty[javafx.scene.control.TextField] with SFXDelegate[ReadOnlyObjectProperty[javafx.scene.control.TextField]] with AlignmentPropertyDelegate

  59. abstract class TextInputControl extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TextInputControl]

  60. class TitledPane extends Labeled with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TitledPane]

  61. trait Toggle extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Toggle]

    Wrapper trait to Toggle interface.

  62. class ToggleButton extends ButtonBase with Toggle with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ToggleButton]

  63. class ToggleGroup extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ToggleGroup]


  64. class ToolBar extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.ToolBar]


  65. class Tooltip extends PopupControl with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.Tooltip]

  66. class TreeCell[T] extends IndexedCell[T] with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TreeCell[T]]



    The type of the value contained within the TreeItem property.

  67. class TreeItem[T] extends EventHandlerDelegate with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TreeItem[T]]

    Wraps javafx.scene.control.TreeItem class.

  68. class TreeView[T] extends Control with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.control.TreeView[T]]

Value Members

  1. object Accordion

  2. object Button

  3. object ButtonBase

  4. object Cell

  5. object CheckBox

  6. object CheckMenuItem

  7. object ChoiceBox

  8. object ColorPicker

  9. object ComboBox

  10. object ComboBoxBase

  11. object ContentDisplay extends SFXEnumDelegateCompanion[javafx.scene.control.ContentDisplay, ContentDisplay] with Serializable

    Wrapper for scalafx.scene.control.ContentDisplay

  12. object ContextMenu

  13. object Control

  14. object ControlIncludes extends ControlIncludes

  15. object CustomMenuItem

    Object companion for CustomMenuItem.

  16. object FocusModel

  17. object Hyperlink

  18. object IndexRange

  19. object IndexedCell

  20. object Label

  21. object Labeled

  22. object ListCell

  23. object ListView

  24. object Menu

  25. object MenuBar

  26. object MenuButton

  27. object MenuItem

  28. object MultipleSelectionModel

  29. object OverrunStyle extends SFXEnumDelegateCompanion[javafx.scene.control.OverrunStyle, OverrunStyle] with Serializable

    Wrapper for scalafx.scene.control.OverrunStyle

  30. object Pagination

  31. object PasswordField

  32. object PopupControl

  33. object ProgressBar

  34. object ProgressIndicator

  35. object RadioButton

  36. object RadioMenuItem

  37. object ScrollBar

  38. object ScrollPane

  39. object SelectionMode extends SFXEnumDelegateCompanion[javafx.scene.control.SelectionMode, SelectionMode] with Serializable

    Wrapper for scalafx.scene.control.SelectionMode

  40. object SelectionModel

  41. object Separator

  42. object SeparatorMenuItem

    Object companion for scalafx.scene.control.SeparatorMenuItem.

  43. object SingleSelectionModel

  44. object Skin

  45. object Skinnable

  46. object Slider

  47. object SplitMenuButton

  48. object SplitPane

  49. object Tab

  50. object TabPane

  51. object TableCell

  52. object TableColumn

  53. object TablePosition

  54. object TableRow

  55. object TableView

  56. object TextArea

  57. object TextField

  58. object TextFieldProperty

  59. object TextInputControl

  60. object TitledPane

  61. object Toggle

  62. object ToggleButton

  63. object ToggleGroup

  64. object ToolBar

  65. object Tooltip

  66. object TreeCell

  67. object TreeItem

  68. object TreeView

  69. package cell

    Wraps javafx.scene.control.cell package.

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