package scene

Wraps javafx.scene package.

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Type Members

  1. sealed case class CacheHint(delegate: javafx.scene.CacheHint) extends SFXEnumDelegate[javafx.scene.CacheHint] with Product with Serializable

  2. abstract class Camera extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.Camera]

  3. abstract class Cursor extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.Cursor]

  4. sealed case class DepthTest(delegate: javafx.scene.DepthTest) extends SFXEnumDelegate[javafx.scene.DepthTest] with Product with Serializable

  5. class Group extends Parent with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.Group]


  6. class ImageCursor extends Cursor with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.ImageCursor]

  7. trait LowerPriorityIncludes extends AnyRef

    Contains implcit methods to convert from javafx.scene Classes/Traits to their ScalaFX counterparts.

  8. abstract class Node extends EventHandlerDelegate with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.Node]


  9. class ParallelCamera extends Camera with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.ParallelCamera]

  10. abstract class Parent extends Node with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.Parent]


  11. class PerspectiveCamera extends Camera with SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.PerspectiveCamera]

  12. class Scene extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.Scene]


  13. trait SceneIncludes extends ChartIncludes with LayoutIncludes with PaintIncludes with ShapeIncludes with TextIncludes with ImageIncludes with EffectIncludes with LowerPriorityIncludes with ControlIncludes

    Contains implcit methods to convert from javafx.scene and subpackages Classes/Traits to their ScalaFX counterparts.

  14. class SceneProperty extends ReadOnlyObjectProperty[javafx.scene.Scene] with SFXDelegate[ReadOnlyObjectProperty[javafx.scene.Scene]]

  15. class SnapshotParameters extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.SnapshotParameters]


  16. class SnapshotResult extends SFXDelegate[javafx.scene.SnapshotResult]

    Wraps JavaFX's SnapshotResult.

    Wraps JavaFX's SnapshotResult. How the original Java class does not have public constructors, it is not possible instantiate in Scala.



Value Members

  1. object CacheHint extends SFXEnumDelegateCompanion[javafx.scene.CacheHint, CacheHint] with Serializable

    Wrapper for javafx.scene.CacheHint

  2. object Camera

  3. object Cursor

  4. object DepthTest extends SFXEnumDelegateCompanion[javafx.scene.DepthTest, DepthTest] with Serializable

    Wrapper for javafx.scene.DepthTest

  5. object Group

  6. object ImageCursor

  7. object Node

  8. object ParallelCamera

  9. object Parent

  10. object PerspectiveCamera

  11. object Scene

  12. object SceneIncludes extends SceneIncludes

  13. object SceneProperty

  14. object SnapshotParameters

  15. object SnapshotResult

  16. package canvas

    Wraps javafx.scene.canvas package.

  17. package chart

    Wraps javafx.scene.chart package.

  18. package control

    Wraps javafx.scene.control package.

  19. package effect

    Wraps javafx.scene.effect package.

  20. package image

    Wraps javafx.scene.image package.

  21. package input

    Wraps javafx.scene.input package.

  22. package layout

    Wraps javafx.scene.layout package.

  23. package media

    Wraps package.

  24. package paint

    Wraps javafx.scene.paint package.

  25. package shape

    Wraps javafx.scene.shape package.

  26. package text

    Wraps javafx.scene.text package.

  27. package transform

    Wraps javafx.scene.transform package.

  28. package web

    Wraps javafx.scene.web package.

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