package stage

Wraps javafx.stage package.

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Type Members

  1. class DirectoryChooser extends SFXDelegate[javafx.stage.DirectoryChooser]

  2. class FileChooser extends SFXDelegate[javafx.stage.FileChooser]

    Provides support for standard platform file dialogs.

    Provides support for standard platform file dialogs. These dialogs have look and feel of the platform UI components which is independent of JavaFX.


    val fileChooser = new FileChooser {
     title = "Open Resource File"
     extensionFilters ++= Seq(
       new ExtensionFilter("Text Files", "*.txt"),
       new ExtensionFilter("Image Files", Seq("*.png", "*.jpg", "*.gif")),
       new ExtensionFilter("Audio Files", Seq("*.wav", "*.mp3", "*.aac")),
       new ExtensionFilter("All Files", "*.*")
    val selectedFile = fileChooser.showOpenDialog(stage)
    if (selectedFile != null) {
  3. sealed case class Modality(delegate: javafx.stage.Modality) extends SFXEnumDelegate[javafx.stage.Modality] with Product with Serializable

    Wraps javafx.stage.Modality.

  4. class Popup extends PopupWindow with SFXDelegate[javafx.stage.Popup]

  5. abstract class PopupWindow extends Window with SFXDelegate[javafx.stage.PopupWindow]

  6. class Screen extends SFXDelegate[javafx.stage.Screen]

  7. class Stage extends Window with SFXDelegate[javafx.stage.Stage]

    The primary stage for your application has to be created by wrapping the JFXApp.STAGE object.

    The primary stage for your application has to be created by wrapping the JFXApp.STAGE object.

    stage = new JFXApp.PrimaryStage {
    // your definitions
    Any further stage would be simply instantiated by the no-arg constructor.

  8. trait StageIncludes extends AnyRef

    Contains implcit methods to convert from javafx.stage Classes/Traits to their ScalaFX counterparts.

  9. sealed case class StageStyle(delegate: javafx.stage.StageStyle) extends SFXEnumDelegate[javafx.stage.StageStyle] with Product with Serializable


  10. class Window extends EventHandlerDelegate with SFXDelegate[javafx.stage.Window] with EventTarget

  11. class WindowEvent extends Event with SFXDelegate[javafx.stage.WindowEvent]

Value Members

  1. object DirectoryChooser

  2. object FileChooser

  3. object Modality extends SFXEnumDelegateCompanion[javafx.stage.Modality, Modality] with Serializable

    Wrapper for javafx.stage.Modality

  4. object Popup

  5. object PopupWindow

  6. object Screen

  7. object Stage

  8. object StageIncludes extends StageIncludes

  9. object StageStyle extends SFXEnumDelegateCompanion[javafx.stage.StageStyle, StageStyle] with Serializable

  10. object Window

  11. object WindowEvent

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