Unwrapped components

How can I use JavaFX controls that aren’t wrapped by ScalaFX, like controls from JFXtras or ControlsFX?

You easily can mix JavaFX and ScalaFX controls. Certain ScalaFX features, like binding, will work with “regular” JavaFX controls, like ones from JFXtras or ControlsFX. Just make sure that you bring in the magic using import scalafx.Includes._. Here is an example of using a ListSpinner from JFXtras:

import jfxtras.scene.control.ListSpinner
import scalafx.Includes._
import scalafx.beans.property.ObjectProperty
import scalafx.scene.control.Label
import scalafx.scene.layout.GridPane

  class SomeUIModel {
    val chipMarginPercent = new ObjectProperty[Int](this, "chipMargin", 20)


  val model = new SomeUIModel()
  val gp = new GridPane()

  // Create unwrapped JavaFX control

  val marginsListSpinner = new ListSpinner[Int](0, 49)

  // Bind JavaFX property to ScalaFX property using ScalaFX operator

  marginsListSpinner.valueProperty <==> model.chipMarginPercent

  // Insert ScalaFX and JavaFX controls into ScalaFX grid pane

    new Label("Chip margin %"),

Here is another example. This one is using Dialog from ControlsFX. Notice that parentStage passed as an argument to ControlsFX method owner is a ScalaFX control (remember import scalafx.Includes._):

import org.controlsfx.dialog.Dialogs
import scalafx.Includes._
import scalafx.stage.Stage

  val parentStage : Stage = ...

  private def showError(summary: String, message: String) {