User visible

  • Version naming convention change to use R (release) instead of M (Milestone), to signify that releases are stable.
  • More fixes for use of code blocks in event handlers (similar to Issue 102 )
  • Fixed Issue 115 : EventHandlerDelegate#filterEvent should allow to remove created filters.
  • Resolved Issue 118 : Add scaladoc root page.
  • Resolved Issue 117 : Remove obsolete build files and documentation.
  • Resolved Issue 120 : Scene is missing two constructors.
  • Some code changes to support Scala 2.11 stricter compiler.

Contributor visible

  • Resolve Issue 116 - move settings from project/build.scala to build.sbt
  • Remove “sbt-idea” plugin since IDEA can now import SBT projects directly.
  • SBT is ScalaFX official build system, drop outdated Gradle and Maven files. It is difficult to maintain multiple build system support.
  • Fixed Issue 121 : Build script has some not needed resolvers.
  • Update ScalaTest? to v.2.1 - mostly to support testing in Scala 2.11


Tested with Java 1.7.0 u51. All changes mentioned above. Binaries are released for Scala 2.9.3, 2.10, and 2.11.0-RC1.


Tested with early release Java 1.8.0 b129 (final release preview of Java 8). All changes mentioned above plus:

  • Improvements to TriangleMeshDemo
  • DrawMode, CullFace are now using Scala naming convention for constants.
  • Resolved Issue 92 : SFX-8: Add wrapper for TextFlow and added TextFlowDemo.
  • Resolved Issue 99 : add wrappers for new classes in javafx.scene.layout: Background, BackgroundFill, BackgroundImage, BackgroundPosition, BackgroundRepeat, BackgroundSize, CornerRadii, BorderImage, BorderRepeat, BorderStroke, BorderStrokeStyle, BorderWidths.

Binaries are released for Scala 2.10. Scala 2.11.0-RC1 cannot compile current ScalaFX SFX-8 code yet.

For downloads visit ScalaFX on Sonatype.