ScalaFX 11-R16 was tested against JavaFX 11. It contains changes to better support JavaFX 11. It includes features from recently released versions 8.0.181-R13 and 10.0.2-R15.

End user visible features:

  • Issue #185: Correct implementation of “Enum” classes.
  • Issue #288 Add wrappers for new Spinner properties in JavaFX 11

Internal changes:

  • Issue #287 Add support for building with Java 11
  • Issue #289 Exclude JavaFX 11 OS dependent libraries when publishing binaries

To use ScalaFX with Java 11 add following to your SBT:

// Add dependency on ScalaFX library
libraryDependencies += "org.scalafx" %% "scalafx" % "11-R16"

// Determine OS version of JavaFX binaries
lazy val osName = System.getProperty("") match {
  case n if n.startsWith("Linux")   => "linux"
  case n if n.startsWith("Mac")     => "mac"
  case n if n.startsWith("Windows") => "win"
  case _ => throw new Exception("Unknown platform!")

lazy val javaFXModules = Seq("base", "controls", "fxml", "graphics", "media", "swing", "web")
libraryDependencies ++= m =>
  "org.openjfx" % s"javafx-$m" % "11" classifier osName

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