ScalaFX is a UI DSL written within the Scala Language that sits on top of JavaFX. Every ScalaFX application is also a valid Scala application. It supports full interoperability with Java and can run anywhere the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JavaFX are supported.

ScalaFX uses a simple, hierarchical pattern for creating new objects and building up the scene graph. Here is a simple, complete application example that creates a new stage (window) with a rectangle that changes color based on mouse events:

import scalafx.Includes._
import scalafx.application.JFXApp3
import scalafx.scene.Scene
import scalafx.scene.paint.Color._
import scalafx.scene.shape.Rectangle

object HelloStageDemo extends JFXApp3 {

  override def start(): Unit = {
    stage = new JFXApp3.PrimaryStage {
      title.value = "Hello Stage"
      width = 600
      height = 450
      scene = new Scene {
        fill = LightGreen
        content = new Rectangle {
          x = 25
          y = 40
          width = 100
          height = 100
          fill <== when(hover) choose Green otherwise Red

Some of the features of ScalaFX include:

  • A programmer-friendly object-literal-like syntax
  • Natural Language Bind Expressions
  • Tailored Animation Syntax
  • Fully Type-Safe APIs
  • Seamless JavaFX/ScalaFX Interoperability

To learn more watch the presentation below and read the Documentation section.

ScalaFX Overview Presentation

Stephen Chin presentation JavaFX 2 and Scala - Like Milk and Cookies (33 Degrees)

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