This release of ScalaFX-Extras provides a convenient way to generate dialogs from case classes (scala 3). AutoDialog is used too quickly open auto generated dialog from case class. After closing, the dialog will return edited version of the input case class:

import org.scalafx.extras.auto_dialog.AutoDialog

case class FilterOptions(kernelSize: Int = 7,
                         start: Double = 3.14,
                         tag: String = "alpha",
                         debugMode: Boolean = false)

val result: Option[FilterOptions] =
  new AutoDialog(FilterOptions())
      "AutoDialog Demo",
      "Fields are auto generated from `FilterOptions` object")

println(s"Result: $result")

The scalafx-extras-demos subproject has an example.


  • [Scala 3] auto generate input dialogs from simple case classes [#18]
  • Update to ScalaFX 18.0.2-R29 [#20]

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