Tested with JavaFX 2.2.67. Mostly bug fixes and API style improvements:

  • Partially resolved issue #75 – Use Scala naming convention for constants.
  • Bug fixes
    • Issue #144: Add type parameter to default constructor argument in scalafx.scene.control.TableRow constructor
    • Issue #145: Fix assignment of TableView’s columnResizePolicy and rowFactory
    • Issue #147: LongProperty should be initialized with a Long value (instead of Int).
    • Issue #150: apply() methods in RadialGradient companion object should have return type RadialGradient, not Unit.
    • Issue #153: Implicit conversions SFX to/from JFX should allow null arguments

Great thanks to all the contributors to this release: Rafael Afonso, Mike Allen, nigredo-tori, SwhGo_oN, Eric Zoerner, and Jarek Sacha.

For downloads visit ScalaFX on Sonatype.