Tested with JavaFX 8.0.20. Over 20 new wrappers, changes needed to support JavaFX 8.0 u20 (in some rare situations u20 may break existing code), bug fixes mostly merged from ScalaFX 2 branch:

  • Merge bug fixes and style improvements from ScalaFX 2.2.67-R10
  • Bug fixes:
    • There were some errors in test implementations.
    • Some wrappers were marked final.
  • New wrappers:
    • WebErrorEvent
    • SFXPanel, SwingFXUtils, SwingNode
    • StyleConverter, StyleOrigin, Stylable
    • WeakEventHandler
    • ResizeFeatureBase
    • TableFocusModel
    • ScrollToEvent
    • TablePositionBase. TableSelectionModel, TreeTableRow, SortEvent, TreeTableCell, TreeSortMode, TreeTablePosition
    • CheckBoxTreeTableCell, ChoiceBoxTreeTableCell, ComboBoxTreeTableCell and TextFieldTreeTableCell.
  • Add missing methods and constants in: HTMLEditor, WebEngine, WebView, PopupControl.
  • Issue #155: Upgrade JavaFX support to v.8.0_u20:
    • Remove methods from SwingFXUtils
    • Add new Stage property alwaysOnTop and userAgentStylesheet
    • Fixed test after some constructor convention changed.
    • PieChart.Data#node is now a property rather than a value accessor.
    • Add new methods: Node#contentBias()
    • Deprecate TreeView#nodeLevel, add add TreeView#treeItemLevel
    • Add KeyCombination#displayText
  • ScalaDoc improvements

Great thanks to all the contributors to this release: Rafael Afonso, Mike Allen, nigredo-tori, SwhGo_oN, Eric Zoerner, and Jarek Sacha.

For downloads visit ScalaFX on Sonatype.