ScalaFX 8.0.92-R10 was tested against JavaFX 8.0u92. It is contains some new features and bug-fix release. Scala 2.10, 2.11, and 2.12 are supported.

Compatibility braking changes:

  • Issue #107: Remove code that was deprecated before release of ScalaFX 1.0.0 M1

New features and improvements:

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #69: SFX-8: ColorfulCircles and SimpleColorfulCircles demos fail.
  • Issue #184: ObservableBuffer.Change has no generic type parameters, while the majority of its children do.
  • Issue #217: NPE when calling Node#snapshot
  • Issue #219: WritableImage#pixelWrit should be pixelWriter.
  • Issue #220: Scene’s onMouseDrag* setters have incorrect type parameters, jfxsi.MouseEvent instead jfxsi.MouseDragEvent.
  • Issue #221: Some type constraints in methods using jfxe.EventHandler arguments have incorrect variance.
  • Issue #222: Some setter are defined with _(...) instead of _=(...).
  • Issue #233: Problem with StringProperty.concat.
  • Issue #236: Importing scalafx.Includes._ breaks cellFactory creation.

To use ScalaFX add following to your SBT:

  libraryDependencies += "org.scalafx" %% "scalafx" % "8.0.60-R10"

For downloads visit ScalaFX on Sonatype or ScalaFX Releases on GitHub. Please report any problems using ScalaFX Issue Tracker. Please use ScalaFX Users Group to post questions.